"Understand Messages Behind Every Awkward Characters One Portrays."

We are living in a world full of surprises that we don't even know that they are.
I am so happy to draw you closer some few truths that will enlighten your mind, that you may surely live and don't just survive.

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Did you know that, a person may have sorrows or a certain awkward character but oblivious about it?

It is an interesting part of psychology that, you better be erudite to ease your own way of discerning your and other’s life.

I bet you ever met a person whom you would see some characters in them which they couldn’t see.

Just normal things like, a person is angry but if you tell them that they are, they strongly oppose. But, it’s something too obvious before you, when you look at them.

Another instance is; a person is vain but if you tell them they are, they oppose with even louder vain character.

May be you should know about this; It is very easy and somehow common to see things in other people than in ourselves.

That is why, you may have met scenarios like these or exactly same with the examples I have given, and here now I want to introduce to you the traits that one may have, that portrays a quite different message.

I call them; The Melodies of Sorrow One Can’t Easily Intuit.

I remember when I was a child, I would cry for no reason and my mother would give me food, and there became an end of the cry. But, in some of the times I would also cry, and she would bring a different initiative to end the cry.

I don’t know where she found this wisdom; the wisdom to understand which kind of cry meant I was hungry and which one was for other quite different reasons!

Today am grown up, I have experienced a lot and so am ready to share with you some wisdoms.

1.      Did you know there is a trauma to every owner of a mouth speaking “I DON’T DEPEND ON ANYBODY”?

You must be keen to what you speak under conscious or unconscious. Words speak beyond words themselves.

Saying “I DON’T DEPEND ON ANYBODY” isn’t a heroic expression, it is an expression of feeling an encountered disappointment.  The statement is full of complaints, selfishness and weaknesses in disguise. The statement tells; I once depended on somebody and I got disappointed.

Because, you can’t say things you don’t know. That means, you already know how depending on anybody isn’t comfortable with you. That means, you have tasted it bitter and so you say, you no longer want it.

Why do I say the statement isn’t heroic!?

Because, all the heroes I know never did things by themselves or to themselves but, they had contagious dreams and successfully impacted their areas. Just think of the ones you know; Mwl. Julius Nyerere, Martine Lutherking Jr, and so forth.


2.      Whosoever takes things personal, there is a trauma eating their nerve!.

Have you ever found yourself blaming a friend because he/she doesn’t phone-call you?

“Why wouldn’t you just call them if you wanted to talk to them?”

Do you know why you don’t even ask yourself such a question but jump into blaming a friend to other friends of yours? Do you know why such kind of a thing happens to you?

It’s because of a wrong interpretation about phone-calling that is built in your mind, either by terrible experiences you encountered or by observing someone experiencing it.

You must know that, when you were born you knew nothing about this world. So, the world has injected in your mind things that you don’t know if are true or false, valid or invalid, and healthy or toxic.

You probably had this person whom you would phone-call regularly but took you for granted. You loved them but saw it a weakness!

The mechanism to detach yourself from the strong bond that was created, the bond that you already saw yourself in somebody, is so hurting because, it involved a lot of forces to leave a part of you to someone.

It was so comfortable to be together but, the moment you are away, you no longer want to feel the pains you felt before, which in real sense you still feel them but the extremities are diminished.

You must know; seeing yourself to other people is how it should be. But, when it gets cracked, it is hard to repair and finally life becomes a misery.

So, you don’t want to phone-call a person until he/she phone-calls you, because of the fear to get back to pains of being taken for granted. You just don’t know you are still in pain.

You will know that the trauma is gone when you begin phone-calling friends without considering who called last time.

Thinking too much of yourself, whenever you talk your statements include “I what, I what…!” … be sure that you are not at safe zone.

Because, life is in seeing yourself to other people.

Think about these things, and search your heart if you are safe or not.

It is good to know the interpretation of things, especially the little ones most ignorable. Simply like, when a seed dies, it goes for a serious pain against the land in order to unveil its stem. 

It is good to know yourself most than seeking to be known.

But, mostly it is good to understand the standards life possesses and examine yourself if you fit in.

Otherwise, you have a very little chance to live the life you were meant to do.

So many wrong things are entertained in this world, you either chose to stay on that track or make yourself a home to sustenance from the true wisdom of life.

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