"Understand How True Success is Hidden In Time."

Before you waste time doing things you think matters while doesn't, get closer to this piece of information that will light up your mind to distinguish between worldly success and personal success that matters most.

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Did you know?

This is the time to see and not looking as how commonly it is known.

Everything that is existing was first an idea.

Glasses were joined and decorated in the mind first before the existence of a 632 meters Shanghai Tower.

It is very possible that many people see wonderful creations in their minds but sometimes, I wish they would not be aware of the words ''illusion and hallucination''. Just a few number of people dared to ignore these two deceptive concepts in their minds, we now have some unique and wonderful objects in the world.

We have now Burj Khalifa, Lamborghini, Rungando May Stadium in Pyong Yang, North Korea, Antonov An-225 as the heaviest aircraft ever in the world and all that. These are things that were in their minds, they took time to extract them from nothing to something (idea), then they brought them into existence.

You got to see first the ideas to leave a wonderful legacy.

Seeing is either a process, it is a result of a period of time taken to think.

The noun of an act “AVIATION” from Latin Avis ''bird'' and -ation meaning action, was coined in 1863 by French pioneer Guillaume Joseph Gabriel de la Landelle. It's not true that he was the first person in the world to see birds but, the time he took to focus his thinking over and over into a bird made him discover a helicopter, from a bird.

Success in its full definition is hidden in time. Success isn’t something comparable, if it’s comparable it belongs to somebody else.

Success isn’t periodic, it’s living. Those who ever succeeded, even in their absence to the world, still what they left counts.

If it can’t be crowned as a legacy, it’s not yet a success.

Success isn’t personal, it is generational.

Stop thinking of what everybody can be or do, start thinking of who you are because, the differences are in the exposition of the true you.

You copy somebody, you miss the chance to leave a legacy, and you miss success.

It surely takes time, but you have to embrace it no matter how much it hurts for how long.

Never despise the baby steps you do, never even believe those who think you are wasting time. Because, it’s so easy to be accepted by the community if you do common and known things than when you do the things you only understand by yourself.

Make a plan.

Make a plan to be different.

It’s not hard, it’s just being you.

As you are commencing the journey to meeting your dreams on hand, don’t wrestle convincing anybody that your move is the best move.

Let who chooses to trust you do, and those don’t be free to walk away from you.

You are the only person responsible for your life, nobody else is.

You choose to be a man who will live forever or not, it’s all about you.

Start a process of seeing yourself at the top before being there. Though, a belief accompanied by actions will take you there.

Never let one of these stay away from you, Believe and Acts.

Be motivated by your dreams, inspired by the meaning of life, and trusted by the process.

You got to never miss this in your mind; “obstacles challenge your stamina if you truly worth success”

True success never make home to lazy or weak people. Only those who can patiently persevere to the end will attain it.

Never lose hope, you are a winner from a spermatozoa, this life is winning.

You are the opportunity the World has found, it awaits on you.

That idea feels like a hallucination is that one you should stick to. You are a hero from winning the negative mind in you.

Be that guy the World has never had previously. Stir your taste, use your all gifts to serve without sparing one.

And above all, all your ways should be under God’s guidance for the good and life of what you do.

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