Three Unconventional Things to Do When You Are In Stockholm

Stockholm is one of the coolest cities in Sweden. And if you are not one of the traditional travellers, then the ambience of the city absolutely agrees with you.

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There are so many beautiful and unique things you can do in Stockholm and the list is never-ending. Here is a list of unconventional choices for you that will help you in exploring the posh and special city. 

Spend Some Quality Time In Vete-Katten

Are you a history buff with the passion of a foodie? If yes. Then you should visit Vete-Katten in Stockholm. This is reputed as one of the oldest cafes in the city and boasts of the best food in the area. Starting from delicious sandwiches, the menu has a plethora of pastries available for you.

Do not forget to taste the traditional and renowned Sweden coffee when you are visiting Vete-Katten. The best thing about this café is its classic taste and timeless feel. The café looks glamorous and unbelievably posh and the ambience is perfect for every age group.
Take a taxi in Stockholm and let the driver know of your destination. Since the café is so famous, you will be taken to your destination without any hassle.

Know About Sweden Culture In Stadsbiblioteket Library

Are you a bookworm? Then you will prefer exploring a Sweden library than the traditional sightseeing around the city. The architecture will not only amaze you but the beautiful aesthetics of the place will make you feel homely and comfortable. The collection of the library is huge and has books in hundreds of languages.

 If you are interested in Nordic splendour and architecture, do visit this place. If you do not know how to reach the place, there are abundant taxis in the city. So just relax and take a taxi in Stockholm and explore the world of Sweden knowledge!

Do Your Marketing From Hornstull Marknad

Are you a big fan Of shopping in flea markets? Then you should visit this really hip flea market in the city at all costs. The market has an amazing vintage collection and the food trucks are a delight. So take a taxi in Stockholm and visit Hornstull Marknad when you are in Sweden.

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