“This Is Why You Must Read Books”

Books are like means of communication between people who ain't same economic status, social status, nationality or continent.
Reading books habit has changed so many people's lives, it's a best humanity server.
If you want to impact the world, you should not miss the content in this article describing how books reading is necessary.

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How many books do you read in a month?

The most educated person on earth is the one who reads!

Well, let me give you this general basic knowledge;


Most of things in our lives are guided by basics.

The four basic Mathematical Arithmetic have become crucial problem solving technique and profit making.


Parents used to teach the basic ways of speaking, from there we have great speakers now, world-widely that are so much influencing.

They are even the first best teachers of our reading to almost everybody who was blessed to grow around them.


Why reading!?


Reading travels with a message alongside to be comprehended.


It is through reading; people are aware of how others define or react into different life circumstances.


It is through reading; people finds access to a lot of things that make room for them to be the best and innovative.


It is through reading; one finds access to a great person who can’t be met easily. 


It is through reading; one stays updated with what is going on to the world.


It is through reading; knowledge is imparted, and then changes someone’s way of living to even positively affect the life of those who are going to be led by that person.


But also;

It is due to ignorance on reading and the reading skills, African Ancestors signed with thumbs the fake treaties under colonialists.


It’s due to poor reading capability, one lacks a chance to be educated.


But, reading is not just a matter of looking at the written words and repeat them to the mind but, it is far more though, a look is a baseline.

A good reader is the one whose reading turns to be behavioral.


If you will love reading, it will be your habitual way of living.

The more you read, the higher inner power and eager to read becomes generated.

Then when you reach the higher degree of reading, you start not only reading the textbooks but the surrounding and situations upon your life.


A good reader reads people around, read friends, reads the environment and comes up with a smart approach to strange events and all of that.


A person who makes reading a first step to problem solving, have a great chance to avoid the common mistakes that a lot of people do when solving their problems.


There is a greatest maxim says; ''A good leader is a good reader”

Meaning; it takes going through a lot of others’ ideas to have the ability to come up with one great idea that will fit the demands of millions of people.


So, as every person is a leader, reading is compulsory.


Everybody was meant to be a leader by the immanent eternal being who is God. So, every person needs to know this and you (a reader) should contemplate about this.

It’s life changing, knowing how everybody including you is a leader!


If you will not lead a company, then you will lead your family. And, if you will not lead your family, then you will lead your own life.


Whenever and wherever you are, leadership is a mode of life.


Contemplate on the word of God for it has a very big secret of your life, the true meaning of you, the description of common life terminologies and all about him.

Necessarily, take what you read into real life.


It’s crystal clear wastage of time, if you are reading a lot of books and your life stays same.


You better know who you are, your dreams and goals, then decide what kind of books to read so that they help you reaching your goals with humanity.


If you have never read any book, or it is a long time since you made your last reading; try today reading at least 5 pages.

But, if 5 pages are tough then try 3.


Try today, don’t wait for tomorrow. World changers starts today.


Be that world changer!


God bless you.

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