"The Timing of Age."

There is a conflicting wisdom distinguishing what time and age is.<br>But, there is a need of knowing how human being is allocated withing time and age.<br>Here is the Timing of Age thing, well described how a human being grows from weakness toward weakness.

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“Brilliance is something that can be made but can't be plundered.”


This is among understandings I got from my father when he was insisting on studying hard.

Like the morning bird's voices, his affirmations took me to the room of multiplications where I multiplied the word ''Study'' to ''Enlightenment''.

Now I know that, what was happening was and is a lifetime blessing. The overflowing blessings.


Every human being walks on an arrow path that is fired in a vacuum. The pointed line having numbers that never repeats but in double or triple form to multiplications.


Though time repeats in different forms of seasons, age never do. Every person is in the so called, TIMING OF AGE!

This timing of age has two periods that only one repeats one time, and the other one is non-stretchable.

These two periods are called DEPENDENCE and INDEPENDENCE periods.


Dependence is found at the beginning and the end of the timing of age while Independence is at the middle of the timing of age.


It's when you are a child you depend on your parents and when you get older you depend on your children.


But I have come to realize that, most of great things were made in to the existence, during the independence period of the timing of age.


When I was a child, nothing I would ever do without my parent's approval whether right or wrong in real sense. I have been also observing how my 98 years old grandpa lives, there is nothing he can do which is under his own decisions. All needs his Children's approval.

Now, every human being has merely single period of time in life to do whatever he wants and can do. I call it a single chance to fortify himself and his world.


What a privilege to pass through a youth stage that can freshen the old age times. Though there are many people who doesn't know this, others know but doesn't want to go with.


Just to assure you, the law of cause and effect tells on how you will live the consequences of what you are cultivating now. The way you fight for small things now, triggers your capability to level the overhead bumps.


If you will not struggle now to knock the unseen doors and work hard under manipulation of what you want to achieve, there is no way you will come to do what the world gazes as the best except in small eyes of your own mind.


"You will be who you are" I don't want to frighten you but I want to tell you that you still have time, there is no delay in making changes if you are still breathing.


Knock the Unseen door before you lack feet to approach even the seen ones.

You are how your parents prepared you, during these times whether under their consciousness or unconsciously. Prepare the good times for your family and generation now.


You don't need to wait for convenient environments because, normally those who win in hard times get crowned with unique higher respects.


Success is hidden within a certain period of time. You never know when you will be who but, as a living strong human, work hard while you have all reasons to do.

Avoid unnecessary excuses, nobody ever fed by excuses.


Age is so timing, before you get guilty of life, please work as hard as possible to enjoy your elderly.

Nothing is as surprising as telling the world that, you never knew you would be poor by being lazy or rich by being a hard worker.

Remember, your grandpa was a young bloke years ago.


Time the age before it times you!

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