“The Most Effective Way To Handle Frustrations.”

In life, everybody passes through hard times. If you are not the one, then the one next to you does. Am writing this to help somebody, if it's not you, kindly read to help the victim.

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Are you frustrated?

Or, do you know a person frustrated and you feel to be a help giver?


You are at a right site, don’t swing your focus!

Sometimes things begin like this; “I want a good job. I want a big house and a nice car. I want a beautiful wife.  

I just want to have a well-established company at 30. Suits should never miss in my wardrobe.

Apple watch, apple phone, apple laptop, apple life…I want it. Ooh no!! It has never been my dream to be like this, what a mess I am.”

(These are the voices most of young men hear in their heads, voices that inspire on way to frustrate).


It is really good to aim high but, before you do, find out how you will handle frustrations.

It’s either not safe aiming low, because, to every achievement, whether high or low, difficulties are obvious for such achievement to be valued.

The World is busy making us busy!

How do you handle frustrations?


How do you react when your plans hit the wall, when life boos you?

I was once in a state of frustrations and a voice whispered in me saying;

"You think too much about tomorrow, forgetting that, where you are now, was never in your mind during the past.

Did you even know that you would live to date? Eat well? Dress good?

Did you know that you would come to finish all the school levels you are done with?"


You are so stressed and frustrated, not because the future is terrifying, but because you are not thankful!

If you were thankful, you would appreciate all the good you have met and believe that you are meant for good.


Relax, do what you want to do.

When things fall apart, be thankful. Because, that may be a way taking you to where you are supposed to be.


 Imagine all the good parties of life you have been through because they mean you.

Neglect not the worst parties because if you do, doesn’t get rid of the fact that you were into them. Instead, they can somehow keep the focus of your love toward other people through the developed compassion.

You easily give food to the hungry ones when you know how hunger hurts.


You will enjoy life when you choose to understand most than to be understood.

Sometimes, it is disappointments that set us to frustrations but, did you know that, a person is easily disappointed when he/she thinks of himself or herself too much?

Never miss this in your mind; the fact that you are alive, you are expected to enjoy this life to the maximum.


How do you do that?

By not trying to fight things you cannot defeat.

You must know that, standing as a barrier for somebody’s success doesn’t make you successful.

You must also know that, trying to be like someone doesn’t make you either you or that person! It makes you a person never meant to exist, a poison to the world.


So, stop being a hindering point for somebody’s success. Stop even trying to be like that person, you simply waste time becoming somebody you can’t.

You are fighting a battle you can’t win.

You will begin to succeed when you get happy. Happy for other’s achievements and for the gift of life you are granted.

Frustrations make someone stuck.

It is good you now know about that, and more good about how to handle them.


I hope you found some help from this article, regarding the best means to handle the frustrations.

They all begin from your mind.

It is ignorance that kills, not a disease!

You better keep that in your mind.

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