The black box will reach our cars in 2022

The black box will reach our cars in 2022

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 in all new cars to prevent accidents on the road.

A system that is of great importance in aviation thanks to the data it collects during the journey.

The plane has become one of the safest and most effective means of transport in the world. This is due to all the security systems that are part and, especially, to a device that has been helpful: the black box.

The concept of the black box is well known, unfortunately, for all users. Since thanks to these data, we can investigate the consequences that led to an air accident.

But is it possible to use this security system in our cars? The answer is yes, and from 2022 it will be mandatory for all newly manufactured vehicles.

What are the black boxes?

The black boxes on airplanes include a recording device that records sound environment and conversations taking place in the cabin during the journey. They not only record audio, but they also collect data such as speed, altitude, coordinates and all the maneuvers that the device performs.

Usually, at least on the latest-generation aircraft, there are two black boxes: one is limited to recording the cockpit conversations and the other records the airplane data. Both are located at the rear of the plane since it is the least affected part in the event of a collision.

The black boxes in the cars will record those data that occur in the event of an accident such as speed, location, acceleration and deceleration, how the vehicle's security systems acted, or if the driver and passengers were wearing a seatbelt.

This system is an instrument that can condition the driver to avoid behaviors that pose a risk on the road.

The stored data will be anonymous and will not be associated with our car. Therefore, these data may not be used for the imposition of fines or in lawsuits on the liability of an accident.

Objective: Vision Zero

The European Union thus begins the Vision Zero initiative, which aims to reduce road accidents by half of 2030.

Not only will the use of the black box be used for accident prevention, but new devices will also be implemented to ensure greater safety at the wheel.


One of those devices is attention tracking. This system will be activated when the vehicle detects that the driver is getting tired and lacks concentration. The recognition mechanism will evaluate that the level of visual attention is following the traffic situation.

Another device is the breathalyzer blocker also placed in our black box. This will have the ability to immobilize the vehicle in case the driver exceeds the permitted alcohol rates.

Vehicles will also have the ability to stay in the lane. This system turns the steering wheel to stay in a lane and will also have control of the brakes in case the car detects a change in the trajectory.

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