Jeddah Taxi Cab Driver’s Encounter with a Broad Spectrum of Worse Behaving Humanity

After years of taxi cabs popularity in various countries, the drivers from Jeddah and many other nations share the annoyingly-behaved humanity they deal with on a regular basis during their job.

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Driving in Jeddah’s bustling city is a back-breaking job with insignificant rewards. The journey is mostly long and is spend either schlepping the hefty pound suitcases or focusing on the steering. However, the pay that they owe is quite little as compared to the work they do. In case a taxi isn’t working enough night shifts to the cover of the taxi leases and gas, then he/she might return home empty-handed as well.

And what if to top it off all, there come passengers do the most annoying things ever? Then the situation as well the day worsens for the driver. Here is a post on all the worst behaving human experiences a taxi in Jeddah faces almost every day that should stop at the earliest possible time.

Drivers Are Saviours Not Servants

There are sober ways of hailing a cab, which we all at a certain point in life must learn. However, a large bunch of taxi drivers in Jeddah and across the world are hailed through whistling, which in Arab culture and many other parts of the globe is an act of disrespect.

Tip: You wave with your hand on an available cab upon seeing it, and on the cab stopping bend to greet the driver with a hello before getting into it and setting off for your journey. Remember, everybody deserves to be treated well irrespective of what profession they might be employed in.

Walk the Destination If It is short

The long rides amount to a decent bill whereas a walkable distance can incur a loss for a driver. The loss is more than a financial one is rather out of the long hours that he needs to wait in a queue to fetch customers.

Tip: Walk the distance if your feet and your health permit you to do so. However, in case the weather is unsuitable for a walk, or in case if you happen to be in your favourite heels, make sure you tip the driver well to compensate for the loss you are incurring for him.

Avoid Backseat Driving

Imagine a day when someone comes in your job and bosses over you on what needs to be done, and what must be restricted and what you should do next? If the thought itself is irking enough, think about what the poor driver must be feeling when you direct lane-by-lane to him from the backseat; frantically asking him to slow down, speed up, and so forth?

Tip: In case you wish the driver to take a particular route, get the fact established prior to pulling away. Or else, you better hold back from hurling orders and directing them as not only is it annoying but can also distract the driver’s mind from driving cautiously.

Always try and be kind to your taxi driver if not much. Avoid turning the cab into a litter ground, ordering him with routes and underpay. While driving cabs might be a thankless job, for those who do it, it’s an attempt to earn their bread and butter. For a great taxi experience with seasoned drivers on board in Jeddah, contact


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