Globetrotter’s Take On Things That You Must Refrain From Casablanca

Who wouldn’t want to taste a bite from Moroccan life in Casablanca? But read on to know a few things that you must keep in mind when planning a trip Casablanca.

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With a mixed bag of activities and attractions to serve tourists with myriad tastes and preferences, Casablanca is truly Morocco’s pride. While Morocco hooks solo-traveller from across the globe, couples, groups, and families with varied interests and budgets, there are a few handfuls of things that you must keep yourself away from when visiting any of its cities including Casablanca.

Here is a brief guide of what you must not do in Casablanca:

Demean Islam Religion

Morocco, as you might be aware of, is an Islamic state, with about 90% population following the religion of Islam. While many citizens follow Sunni in Islam, there are other citizens who follow Sufi philosophies as well. Disrespecting and demeaning Islam can trigger offence amongst the locals who follow the religion and swear by it. Morocco might be one of the peaceful states in the world, however, disrespecting someone’s sentiments by degrading their religion is downright injustice.

Disdaining the Monarchy

Speaking unjustly, criticising or shaming the monarchy is considered to be illegal. While few mutterings might be offensive, but crossing boundaries can actually cost you three years behind the bars. Try not to deface with the king as that’s a big no-no. Abide and respect the laws of Morocco for a positive and a happy trip.

Using Your Left Hand for Eating

Most Moroccan meals are eaten with hands, as per age-old tradition. However, you must clearly stay away from using your left hand, but instead, use your right hand to eat. The Moroccans consider the left hands to be unclean and unhygienic, post using the washroom. While unknowingly using your left hand might not irk anybody, but can surely roll some eyebrows and call for a few unnecessary scowls.

Sporting Beachwear outside the Beach

Adhering to the cultural norms of the city, Morocco is quite a conservative state and so is Casablanca. So, choosing beachwear to trip around Casablanca is definitely not a good choice, no matter how hot the temperature is. Keep your bodysuits and swimwear limited to the beach itself and not a dress-code to pick during dining-outs and sightseeing.

Expecting Everybody to Converse in English

While Casablanca with most other cities like Fes, Marrakech, Tangier, and Rabat might have people speaking in English, you shouldn’t expect too many people to talk about anything else rather than Arabic. Owing to the past colonialism, knowing French and Spanish words might help you out a lot.

These were a few of the basic things that you should keep yourself away from, to maintain peace and holiday sans trouble. For a more trouble-free vacation in Morocco, you can book airport transfer Casablanca in advance. Upon pre-booking, you can have a driver waiting for you at the airport to transfer you from the airport to your desired location.


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