Best Spy gadgets For kids in 2019

spy gadgets for kids having spy glasses, voice changer, walkie talkie, etc.

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Spy gadget for kids

Kids are often found to surprising their friends by showing them some hacks & tricks. For this, they use devices such as spy gadgets for kids i.e. invisible ink pen, spy glasses, trap alarm, etc.

Spying is something that is liked by everyone. There is no restriction on age. People of every age like spying to surprise their friends. Spy gadget for kids is generally different from other gadgets. But as it is said that, there is no accounting for taste, one cannot say anything about that. These spy gadgets have also something to do with the adventures.


If a kid is adventurous in nature, He will search for such tools and techniques that can help him to make his life adventurous. For this, he/she will look for the tools or try to find the gadgets. Spy gadgets for kids are different from other spying gadgets. They are tiny but having the most amazing and entertaining features.

List of Spy Gadgets for Kids

·         Invisible ink pen

·         Spy glasses

·         Walkie Talkie

·         Voice Changer

·         Trap alarm

Invisible Ink pen

Invisible ink pen is the best and favorite gadget among the kids especially when they are playing detective games. Kids write some notes on the paper and then trick begin. They ask their friends to find the note on paper and when they fail to find a spy kid used UV light to visible that note.

Actually, this is due to an acid-base reaction according to Wikipedia most of the substances change their color when they are mixed with an acid or base. It means the actual trick is an acid-base reaction and that reaction can be shown when Ultra Violet(UV) rays fall on them.

Pen used thymolphthalein which is colorless and visible when a certain light like UV lights falls on them.  Kids surprise their friends by telling them the secrete behind this trick and make the game more interesting.

Spy Glasses

Kids absolutely like to wear a dashing and cool looking glasses. Spy glasses enables kids to make the spy game more interesting and entertaining. Kids can wear these glasses and easily seen at their surroundings and back without looking backward.

The lens of this kid's spy gadget smartly designs that can show the area behind without looking backward. This spy gadget is no doubt to great and amazing.

Kids used this gadget to surprise their friends without looking backward directly to them by telling them that they are coming and what they are doing. These spy glasses are not so much expensive and available at a reasonable price. These glasses are perfect spy gadget for kids who are new in spying game to surprise their friends

Voice Changer

One of the funniest and amazing spy gadgets for kids that is liked by kids is Voice Changer. Voice changer has an amazing feature of changing the voice. This gadget is not so expensive and easily available at affordable prices.

This gadget has no difficult functionality it is very easy to use just one button is required to enter the kid's spy world and surprise them by changing your voice with Voice Changer. One can easily set its frequency and amplitude according to need.

Voice changer has different modifiers that enable you to change voice by setting frequency and amplitude. In the kid’s detective game, they can use this gadget and can add other dimensions to their detective games.

Trap Alarm

When the detective mode is on in the spy game then trap alarm is something different that attracts everyone’s attention. Trap alarm used a laser beam to track the activities of other participants. Kids used this trap alarm to monitor all activities of the competitor and know what they are exactly doing.

No doubt it is a difficult task to manage and set up this gadget so the kids take help from an adult to set this trap alarm. When trap alarm sets it uses a laser beam to trap the culprit. When someone passes from the laser beam it detects them and starts alarming.




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